Most documentation found online suggest adding both the Email Address and UPN claims when configuring ADFS for SharePoint. This will result in people picker showing both claims when you are trying to add a user to SharePoint. I’m referring to the people picker results that drops down after a value has been entered in the people […]

I recently had a need to remove a claim type mapping from an ADFS identity provider I had added to SharePoint. I used the following script to accomplish it. In my case I wanted to delete the UPN mapping. Add-PSSnapin Microsoft.SharePoint.PowerShell $ip = Get-SPTrustedIdentityTokenIssuer -identity MYADFS $ip.RemoveClaimTypeInformation(“”) $ip.Update()

If you see this error message when running the configuration wizard, it could be due to issues with one or more of the web applications installed on the server. In our case the error happened for the following reasons. 1. Missing feature definition, missing web parts or site definitions files The error message in the […]

I was setting up my Search topology using power shell. The script ran successfully, however when i started a full crawl on the “Local SharePoint Sites” content source, the status was stuck at “Starting”. I looked in the event logs and noticed the following two error message written repeatedly. Failed to extract required parameter FastConnector:ContentDistributor, hr=0x80070002  [pluginconfig.cpp:81] […]

I stumbled on a little nugget the other day. If you ever have to change the server where your timer job executes you can do this from Central Admin -> Manage content database settings.

To revert and start over Migrations Run the following commands in package manager console First roll back to initial database update-database -TargetMigration:$InitialDatabase -Force Make a copy of the Migrations/configurations.cs file, if you don’t want to lose code you have written inside the seed method to insert test data. Delete the migrations folder. Enable migrations again […]